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Features and advantages of watercrafts manufactured by Active Rest: 

  • MANUFACTURED BY HIGH-FREQUENCY WELDING METHOD. Welds of Active Rest watercrafts are 2-3 times stronger than the main material both on longitudinal rupture and cross break at the maximum allowable heating of the fabric up to +700С; this means that the welds easily sustain overload and overheat from the sun, and are almost undestroyable. The welding process is completely automatic thus the influence of human factor is minimized. High-frequently welding method increases the service life of the welds by 9 times and makes bursting of watercraft tubes because of overinflating or overheating from the sun impossible! It gives us a possibility to make 15-year warranty on the weld!

  • USAGE OF GERMAN FABRIC VALMEX 750 g/m2, TE , Heytex. When producing our watercrafts we use PVC fabric manufactured by German company Mehler Texnologies which has been one of the top coated fabrics manufacturers (fabrics with multilayer covering) in the world for more than 60 years with annual sale of more than 50 mil. m2 of the fabric. The fabric for inflatable boats manufactured by Mehler Texnologies bears Valmex brand name. All fabrics have several parameters: strength of cloth, weight, repairability and longevity. Valmex fabric used for manufacturing of Active Rest kayaks, catamarans and motorafts meets the highest levels of the mentioned parameters.

A FEW WORDS ABOUT VALMEX FABRIC. It`s a five-layer PVC material for boats manufacturing. Fabric base is armoured polyether. The fiber strength is 1100 dtex. Special surface sealing makes this PVC material extra resistant to abrasion, improving boat`s hydroplaning. The weight of Valmex Boat fabric varies from 630 to 1450 grams per square meter. Valmex Boat is a unique material for inflatable boats manufacturing. It is notable for high elasticity, but at the same time it`s almost unaffected to mechanic damages. The surface sealing is completely waterproof and leakproof. The fabric is exceptionally resistant to low temperatures. Valmex Boat is a membrane made of a composite multilayered material. Two-layer coating provides soil-repellency properties. This coating improves the quality of the material, and also sustains it`s superficies even when used in extreme conditions. Furthermore, one more feature of this fabric is a bare possibility of fungi and vermin penetration into the membrane.

  • QUALITY OF BOAT ATTACHMENTS. Watercrafts manufactured by Active Rest are fitted with eyelets made of Italian stainless steel which resist corrosion even in such a harsh environment as the Mediterranean Sea with very salty water. We make 12-month warranty on all the boat attachments fitted on our watercrafts, such as grab ropes, carrying handles, eye rings.

  • 15-YEAR WARRANTY. High-quality materials used for manufacturing of our watercrafts (German fabric, welds, Italian eyelets, rigid double-wall AirDeck bottom) and advanced manufacturing technologies make our product a European quality and give us a possibility to make 15-year warranty on our product!

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